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AT Ease Hair and Skin Care Q&A

 AT Ease Hair and Skin Care products are formulated with premium natural oils and butters, so a small amount of product goes a long way. Less is best so you can always add too if the amount used is not enough.

You should wash your hair at least 4 times a week, this will remove any dirt, debris, germs, or product build up that may cause skin irritation and or hair loss.

Our formulation includes natural ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut butter, jojoba oil, mango butter, peppermint oil, shea butter tea tree oil, and many more. The ingredients are on the label if you may have any allergies. 

Alcohol is not all bad. In fact, most skin care products do contain some type of alcohol even if they claim to be “alcohol-free”.

This is because there are both moisturizing alcohols and more drying alcohols. When skin care product labels read “alcohol-free” it means they are free of the stronger, harsher types of alcohol called ethyl alcohol (aka: grain alcohol), SD Alcohol, or Alcohol Denaturant. These alcohols are considered harsh because they can dry and irritate skin.

However, “alcohols” in general are a huge, diverse family of ingredients (with different names and varying effects on the skin), and there are many types of very beneficial, moisturizing, non-irritating alcohols used in skin care, hair care and shaving products. And just because a product claims to be “alcohol-free”, it may still contain emollient alcohols called fatty alcohols–like cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl and lanolin alcohol–which provide skin and hair benefits. Rather than dry or damage, these alcohols actually provide beneficial moisture and hydration.

The AT Ease Hair and Skin Care moisturizing shampoo is great for your hair, it will instantly make your hair feel soft, then you will need the Moisturizing Hair and Skin Butter to keep the hair hydrated and it works wonders for your skin keeping it soft and moisturized. You can follow up a few times a week with our Grooming Oil for both your hair and skin.

Yes, our JTB Quenched Repair+ Priming Leave-In Spray is great for conditioning locs. It is made with hydrolyzed wheat protein, and it will soften and strengthen your hair.

The Universal Grooming Gel Pomade will give your hair a natural look, without the hard crunchy feel. It also works well to get waves, twist, and it great for edge control for the ladies.

Razor burn is the result of removing too much skin when you shave. The wrong product (one that doesn’t provide enough protection from your blade) or applying too much pressure may be to blame.

Our Smooth Glide Shave Gel will prevent any razor rash, burn or irritation. It is made with JoJoab Oil that key feature is to soften and moisturize the hair and skin. Tea Tree Oil will help kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation of redness to the skin. The Safflower Oil will lower will assist with unclogging pores and it helps treat pimples and acne spots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Let’s start by understanding why you’re having these problems. Ingrowns and razor bumps are pretty much a cause-and-effect deal—when the shortened hair does not grow straight out of the follicle opening, but instead curls around and re-enters the skin (the ingrown), it creates a bump. The culprits? Coarse, thick, curly hair or products that are either overly drying or contain harsh ingredients that can cause irritation.  For those prone to ingrowns, we recommend our Razor Bump Therapy, if used as directed it will have your face feeling smooth and your mind AT Ease.