Our Mission:

AT Ease Hair and Skin Care Mission is to provide universal hair and skin products, education and training to the consumer so they can maintenance and maintain personal grooming for healthy hair and skin. Leaving them relaxed; worry-free feeling AT Ease.

About Us:
Small Company with Effective Products

With 8 years of honorable military service and 25 years experience in the Cosmetology and Barbering Industry catering to everyone from the everyday hardworking citizen to your favorite athlete or celebrity we are known for our attention to detail and customer service.

AT Ease Hair and Skin Care was born with the consumer in mind, to give you a product that you can honestly believe in to solve issues when it comes to your hair and skin. AT Ease Hair and Skin Care is a company built with Integrity our products do exactly what they say they’re going to do from solving problems with dry;brittle hair to giving a relaxing smooth shave.

We are excited to be apart of your families hair and skin needs, we thank you for choosing AT Ease!